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All Vitamin C Is Not Created Equal

Vitamin C is readily available in many forms. There’s natural vitamin C found in foods, especially fruits and green leafy vegetables. There’s vitamin C added to “enrich” processed and prepared foods. And, of course, there’s vitamin C in tablet, capsule, liquid and powdered supplements. So, with all of this vitamin C in just about everything from apples to Yoo-Hoo, you’d think it would easy to get all of the vitamin C your body needs every day. Well, think again.

The government’s Recommended Daily Allowance(RDA) for vitamin C is 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men. But there’s a serious, ongoing debate about whether or not this is actually enough vitamin C to satisfy your body’s daily needs. We happen to believe your body needs far more than the RDA. Even the National Institutes of Health have recommended up to 1,000 mg per day for adults.

Still, 75 or 90 or even 1,000 mg doesn’t sound like all that much. It sounds like an amount you could easily get by simply downing a few tall glasses of orange juice or popping your morning multivitamin. Right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy because of the way your body processes this “ordinary” vitamin C.

A lot can happen to ordinary vitamin C on its way from your mouth to your bloodstream to your cells, where the body ultimately uses it. Much of the ordinary vitamin C you get from your diet or from oral supplements is destroyed or degraded by the harsh digestive juices in your stomach. Still more never makes it into your bloodstream and ends up being eliminated from your body as waste.

What little actually reaches your cells is scarcely enough to meet your body’s bare minimum needs let alone provide what it requires to achieve and maintain optimal health. You could simply take more ordinary vitamin C, but the more you take the less of it is absorbed into your body. So, in order to get the full benefit of 1,000 mg of ordinary vitamin C, you’d have to guzzle about 450 four-ounce glasses of orange juice. That’s five gallons. Every day.

Fortunately, all vitamin C is not created equal. In fact, one vitamin C supplement is created better. The vitamin C in Altrient™ C is protected by microscopic “bubbles” called liposomes. These tough little bubbles are strong enough to pass unharmed through you stomach, small enough to slip directly into your bloodstream and smart enough to release their vitamin C right inside your cells. Almost all of the vitamin C is absorbed and virtually none is wasted. Most importantly, its full potency is preserved and available throughout your body.

Liposome Encapsulated Delivery (LED) is considered the most effective method of delivering oral nutrients to the body. And Altrient™ C is the only oral vitamin C supplement that uses LED. So, instead of drinking five gallons of OJ each day, you can take just two packets of Altrient™ C and get the full benefits of 2,000 mg of vitamin C.

Your whole body, especially your bladder, will breathe a sigh of relief that all vitamin C is not created equal.